A core concern of the social partners in the banking industry:

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The health of bank employees is a high priority for the social partners in the Swiss banking sector. As a health protection measure, we provide employees in the financial sector with the healthy@work health survey in the form of a self-test. We particularly recommend that all employees who do not record their working hours take part in the health survey. The social partners are thus making an active contribution to identifying, preventing and eliminating psychosocial risks at work.

An initiative of the social partners

Social partners
Social partners
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Natalia Ferrara

"Work without limits is not healthy. That's why it's important to know your own limits. The health survey helps to identify your personal situation."

Natalia Ferrara, Managing Director The Swiss Bank Employee Association
Michel Lang

"Mobile flexible working is attractive, but also poses risks to mental health. Evaluate yourself and discover the opportunities and dangers."

Michel Lang, Head of Social Partnership, Association of commercial employees Switzerland
Balz Stückelberger

"If you work a lot, you need rest. What does this balance look like for you? The health survey shows you."

Balz Stückelberger, Managing Director Employers in Banking

"The health survey is a valuable contribution to the prevention of interested self-harm in banks."

Prof. Dr. Andreas Krause, University of Applied Psychology FHNW

"Good working conditions are relevant for health. The health survey shows where health-promoting implementation is successful and where there is a need for action."

Cosima Dorsemagen, School of Applied Psychology FHNW

"Thanks to personalized feedback, you can identify opportunities and risks and do something good for your health."

Nicole Flükiger, School of Applied Psychology FHNW

This is what lies behind the health survey...


Why is it worthwhile to participate in the health survey?

Change starts with you: Take part and promote your health! Your participation in our health survey in the form of a self-test helps you to minimize psychosocial risks and helps us to better understand your needs. The self-test uses a simple traffic light system to show you whether everything is in the green or whether there is a need for action.


How is the health survey structured?

To measure how employees feel at work, two factors are examined. On the one hand, the health-promoting factors, and on the other hand, the health-critical factors must be looked at. They determine to a large extent whether we feel good at work or not. The health survey examines both sides and shows how they influence each other.


Why is the health survey particularly important for employees who do not record their working hours?

Under certain conditions, bank employees can waive the recording of working hours. This can bring advantages, but also risks. The self-test is therefore particularly recommended for these employees in terms of active health protection.

Data protection is important to us!

Those who do not record their working hours can regularly take part in the ARWT survey. The overall results provide an indication of the extent to which action is required. In addition, you will receive individual feedback that is only accessible to you personally. The evaluation is carried out by Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Andreas Krause and Cosima Dorsemagen. Interested banks can also request a specific evaluation for their own bank, which will be provided in the form of a dashboard. In all evaluations, at least 20 individuals are grouped together. It is not possible to draw conclusions about the response behavior of individual participants.

Further information on data protection

Further information:

The impact model briefly explained

The basis of the survey is the so-called impact model. On the one hand, it shows stressors. These are factors that can impair our well-being. On the other hand, it also shows aspects that promote health. These are factors that positively influence our well-being. You want to know what exactly lies behind both topics? Read on here!

For employers

As a bank, you can view the results of your organization by gaining access to a dashboard. Such evaluations are possible if at least 20 people from your organization have participated. The Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz offers advice on interpreting the results. If you are interested, please contact Cosima Dorsemagen, Andreas Krause or Nicole Flükiger at healthyatwork.aps@fhnw.ch.

For employees

If you take part in the survey, you will receive individual written feedback immediately afterwards. A traffic light system provides orientation: The topics of the survey are colored green, yellow or red depending on the extent of your answers.

An initiative of the social partners in the banking industry

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