If you take part in the survey, you will receive individual written feedback immediately afterwards. A traffic light system provides orientation: The topics of the survey are colored green, yellow or red depending on the extent of your answers.

  • Green: This is where you are well positioned. Be sure to continue to nurture this aspect as you already do. 
  • Yellow: Here you probably do not have any problems yet. Make sure that your situation does not worsen. 
  • Red: Critical values and therefore need for action are present here. If several topics are colored red, we recommend that you address the current situation.

First, awareness of exactly where critical values exist helps:

  • Are working conditions colored red, i.e. are there many stressors or low autonomy or social resources? A conversation with your manager about your work situation can be a first step.
  • Do you see a tendency to engage in self-harming behaviors? Usually, health-critical routines arise for a good reason: you want to do your job well. Breaking routines is often not easy. If you want to change something, it can be helpful to consider with whom you would like to have an initial conversation. Is your manager a good fit for this? Are there other support systems at your bank (e.g., counseling services) that you could turn to?
  • Is your health impaired? Are you no longer able to engage as usual? Do you suffer from exhaustion or experience conflicts between work and private life? You should take such early warning symptoms seriously and seek support.

In the case of critical working conditions, behaviors or malaise related to work, sharing the situation with others is usually an important first step. Consider which contact person might be a good fit for you.

Offers from employee associations:

The Swiss Bank Employees Association assists its members free of charge in the event of problems relating to the workplace - it advises, informs and, if necessary, intervenes with the employer.

The Swiss Commercial Association offers employees various consulting services in addition to a guidebook on health in the workplace.

Guidebook "Health in the workplace

The guidebook "Health at Work" provides concrete tips for a healthy approach to the essential issues of everyday working life. With chapters on self-management, physical and mental health, ergonomics in the workplace and much more, it is aimed at employees as well as managers. The brochure was produced by the Swiss Commercial Association in close cooperation with its health partner SWICA.

Consulting services kfmv:

The Swiss Commercial Association and the regional associations offer various consulting services for members and non-members. In addition to detailed career and career counseling, offerings are also provided for continuing education and psychological health.