Why a health survey for bank employees without recording working hours?

The agreement on time recording makes it possible to waive the recording of working hours under certain conditions. As a statutory health protection measure, a self-test on psychosocial stress is available to all employees who choose not to record their working hours.

Those who do without working time recording must have a high degree of autonomy in their everyday working life and take a lot of responsibility - also for the design of their work and for their own health. At the same time, employers are responsible for providing good framework conditions and support when needed. These framework conditions and factors can have a critical effect on health:

  • Job Insecurity
  • High quantity of work
  • strong earnings pressure
  • or the expectation of having to be available outside regular working hours (e.g. in the evenings, on non-working days, at weekends).

Such potentially health-critical framework conditions are also referred to as psychosocial risk factors. Employers must therefore address the question of the extent to which psychosocial risk factors can be reduced and health maintained and strengthened. For this reason, the agreement on the waiver of working time recording (ARWT) stipulated:

Those who choose not to record their working hours are entitled to take part in a survey on psychosocial risk factors on a regular basis. The results are evaluated across the bank to identify any need for action. In addition, immediately after the survey, the participant receives written individual feedback on his or her own work situation.