The healthy@work questionnaire focuses on working conditions in banks. The key content of the questionnaire was determined in 2020/2021 through interviews with bank employees.

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The questionnaire is about...

  • ...the work situation -> how good are the relevant framework conditions at work?
  • ...the behavior in everyday work -> how health-promoting or health critical is the handling of workloads in everyday life?
  • ...the health

The healthy@work survey covers nine subject areas, each with several statements. The first is aspects of working conditions that are relevant to health in the workplace (e.g. autonomy, support from managers, workload and pressure to achieve results, extended availability and job insecurity). A health-promoting path is shown on the left-hand side: Health-promoting working conditions can facilitate positive behavior (self-care) and are associated with high engagement and good health. A health-critical path is shown on the right-hand side: In the case of numerous stressors in everyday working life, health-critical behavior (self-endangerment, e.g. working despite illness), conflicts between work and private life and early health warning symptoms, such as exhaustion, are more likely to occur.

These nine topics are mapped in the so-called impact model:


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