Your data is safe - you remain anonymous at all times!

Participation in the survey is voluntary. You have the option to cancel your participation at any time during the survey.

Participants have the opportunity to provide some demographic information in the survey (e.g. age, workload, company unit). This means that personal data is collected. However, since no further personal information is collected, participants remain anonymous.

The data collected in the survey will be statistically analyzed by project staff at the School of Applied Psychology at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz .

The information provided by the participants will not be passed on to the participating banks or to those commissioning the survey (social partners of the banking industry). The commissioning and participating banks only receive an insight into a statistical evaluation of the survey results. Results are only displayed if at least 20 persons of a unit to be evaluated have participated.

Your data will be stored on servers of Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz , which are subject to university-specific data protection regulations. Under the following link, you will find the privacy policy of the service provider Bright Answer, which operates the survey platform.